Blast Off to the Stars: Grab the Spaced Out Bundle!

Say Goodbye to Starfield, and Hello to Savings!

Are you ready for an amazing gaming adventure that won’t break the bank? The Spaced Out bundle is here to save the day! While everyone is talking about Starfield, Humble Bundle has an amazing deal where you can get the best space games for 85% off. Don’t wait too long, though, because this great deal won’t last forever!

What’s in the the Spaced Out Bundle Part 1?

  1. Hold on tight for a space adventure in the Spaced Out that is both crazy and hard to understand. In this game, you’re in a funny cosmic mess and have to figure out how to stay alive in the strangest ways. It’s a trip through space like no other!
  2. High on Life: Do something crazy and out of this world, like go on a trip with lots of turns you didn’t see coming. As you move through strange environments, expect surprises that will make you laugh and have fun.
  3. Journey to the Savage Planet: Dive into an adventure full of exploration that takes you to an alien world that is crazy and not always what you expect. What’s your job? Explore an unknown planet, make a list of strange creatures you find. And then, try to figure out what it’s all about. It’s a safari through space full of surprises!
  4. The Entropy Center: Get lost in a story-driven space adventure that will make you think and make you imagine. In this story-heavy game, the choices you make will affect how the story goes, creating a unique journey through space that is based on your choices.

What’s in the the Spaced Out Bundle Part 2?

  1. The Outer Worlds: This is one of the best space RPGs out there. It has cool characters, interesting stories, and a huge universe to explore. In a different future, you’ll be able to travel between planets, meet different groups of people, and make choices that will affect the colony’s future. It’s an epic space story with lots of turns!
  2. The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass: This add-on lets you go deeper into The Outer Worlds by giving you extra content that adds to the story. With this pass, you can access new adventures, characters, and challenges, giving you a longer trip through space.
  3. The seventh book is called Trover Saves the Universe. It is a hilarious adventure with strange characters that will make you laugh out loud. This exciting game sends you on a strange journey where you fight bad guys and figure out puzzles in the funniest ways possible.

The Steal of the Cosmos: A Real Deal in Space!

You can buy the whole the Spaced Out bundle and get access to all of these great games for just $30 (£23.72). Since these top-rated Steam games normally cost around £16 or $204,.87 all together, this deal is almost too good to be true!

Pick Your Space Adventure: Pick Your Bundle!

If you’re new to space exploration or have been exploring the Spaced Out for a long time, Humble Bundle has something for you.

For only $10 or £7.90, you can get Breathedge and Journey to the Savage Planet, two cheap space adventures. You can get a taste of the wonders of space with these games that won’t break the bank.

For $15 or £11.86, you can get Breathedge, Journey to the Savage Planet, The Entropy Center, The Outer Worlds, and Trover Saves the Universe. It will take you on a long trip through space. This bundle will take you deep into the universe and make sure you never run out of adventures.

Buy Light-Speed: Don’t Miss Out!

This offer from space won’t last forever. The Spaced Out bundle can be bought until either Humble runs out of keys or Friday, December 15th, whichever comes first. Pick a path and get ready for a great space adventure!

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The Spaced Out bundle has something for every space explorer, whether they are starting their first space adventure or adding to their collection of space games. Take off and enjoy the thrill of interstellar games without spending a lot of money! 🌠✨

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