Australian Tourist's Unpleasant Encounter in Bali Over a Dirty Passport

Unpleasant Encounter in Bali

For Monique Sutherland, a tourist from Australia, what was supposed to be a delightful vacation in Bali turned into a distressing experience. She found herself facing an unexpected challenge at Bali Immigration due to a minor issue with her passport. This incident led to her being fined IDR 15 million, leaving a bitter taste in her vacation memories. Let’s delve deeper into the details of her encounter with the authorities in Bali.

The Check-In Incident at Tullamarine Airport

As Monique Sutherland checked in at the Batik Air counter at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, Australia, she was asked to sign an additional blue form. This request puzzled her, as she had never encountered such a requirement during her previous travels. The reason behind this request was that her seven-year-old passport showed signs of wear and tear, making it slightly dirty.

The Unforeseen Hurdle at Bali Immigration

Upon arriving in Bali, Monique Sutherland was excited to explore the beautiful island with her mother. However, she was in for an unexpected surprise at Bali Immigration. When she presented the additional blue form during the immigration process, the officers took her to an interrogation room for further questioning. Monique, feeling anxious and confused, was asked if she was traveling alone and whether she was a frequent traveler.

The Anxiety-Ridden Interrogation

Inside the small interrogation room, Monique Sutherland endured over an hour of interrogation by the immigration officials. The constant coming and going of officers intensified her unease, leaving her feeling increasingly uncomfortable. To add to her distress, the officers spoke in Indonesian, making her feel alienated and disconnected from the situation.

The Threat of Deportation

To Monique’s horror, the officers hinted that her entry into Indonesia with a slightly damaged passport put her at risk of deportation. The gravity of the situation became apparent as the officials explained the potential consequences of her passport’s condition. The fear of deportation loomed large, and Monique was desperate to find a solution to avoid such a fate.

The Offered Solution: A Hefty Fine

In an attempt to resolve the situation, the immigration officers presented Monique with an option to avoid deportation. However, the solution came at a steep price – a fine of AUD 1,500, equivalent to IDR 15 million. This unexpected financial burden left Monique feeling distressed and uncertain about how to proceed.

The Refusal and the Consequences

Believing that her passport was in acceptable condition, as it had been approved for her departure from Australia, Monique Sutherland vehemently refused to pay the imposed fine. She was convinced that she should not bear the consequences of a passport issue that she believed did not exist.

The Pressure on Monique’s Mother

The situation escalated when the immigration officers turned their attention to Monique’s mother. They informed her that they would not return Monique’s passport unless the fine was paid. Overwhelmed and worried about her daughter’s well-being, Monique’s mother reluctantly agreed to pay the demanded amount.

The Aftermath: A Vacation Marred by Unpleasant Memories in Bali

Having paid the fine, Monique and her mother were escorted out of the airport without further interrogation. The incident, however, cast a dark shadow over their vacation in Bali. What was supposed to be a joyful and carefree experience was now marred by the distressing encounter with the immigration authorities.

Seeking Answers and Closure

After returning from Bali, Monique Sutherland took it upon herself to seek answers and closure regarding her fined passport issue. She diligently contacted border security officials in Melbourne to investigate the matter further.

The Border Security Officials in Bali Give Response

The border security officials in Melbourne, upon reviewing Monique’s case, expressed their suspicion that she had fallen victim to a possible trap. They confirmed that her passport had never been a problem and that the incident seemed to be an attempt to take advantage of inexperienced tourists.


Monique Sutherland’s unfortunate experience in Bali serves as a cautionary tale for travelers worldwide. Her encounter with the immigration authorities, over a minor issue with her passport, resulted in an unexpected financial burden and marred her vacation memories. It underscores the importance of being aware of travel regulations and seeking assistance from relevant authorities when faced with unforeseen challenges abroad. Travelers should be vigilant and informed to ensure that their cherished vacation experiences remain untainted by unexpected hurdles.

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